Sadly, there are internet marketing firms that try to take advantage of their clients. Recently we received a "robo-call" with the automated announcement that they were Google Maps. Just like any business owner, I was interested in what Google had to say to me.

  Once I had been connected to a live person, they began to review how my business listings were showing. They then asked me to do a search for the term "Google's Best Marketing Company". When the results appeared, it was ASTOUNDING...for someone who is not in the internet marketing field.

  That particular company (at the time) was #1 on page 1, out of 309,000,000 results. Impressive, right? Except for the fact that in further checking it was shown that the phrase receives very little in the way of active searches. Ranking first for a phrase that receives little to no real searches is not hard to do. The real test is to achieve a good ranking for a commonly used term.

After all, your business will see the most traffic from customers that use common terms to find you, right? 

  Another thing that came up was when the person I was speaking with stated that they were that top result...and not actually Google. Granted, they do have a partnership with Google (in regards to selling advertising), but they are not ACTUALLY Google. I pointed out to the person how their automated caller had misrepresented their company, basically dissolved any trust I might have had in what was being said, and then hung up.

  A word of caution, big name website advertisers like yellowbook and web.com often charge double and triple of what a local SEO Marketing firm would and with less results. They cannot offer the personalization that will set you apart because their business is bulk sales to those who might be intimidated by the high tech advertising world. An SEO Marketing professional has the skilled advantage to evaluate your company and see the best way to help you gain a competitive edge. 

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